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2018-05-11(五),主講人:鍾偉和 教授 (國立清華大學電機工程學系)


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專 題 演 講


講 題: Statistical Signal Processing in Wireless Communications and Its Recent Developments
演講者: 鍾偉和 教授 (國立清華大學電機工程學系)
時 間: 107年05月11日(星期五)10:00 - 10:50(10:50 - 11:10 茶會於統計所821室舉行)
地 點: 綜合三館837室
摘 要:

The wireless communication is among the most important and fastest growing applications in the emerging ICT industries. With the rapid growth of personal mobile communications and multimedia services, the wireless communication systems need to accommodate higher transmission rate and better quality of service. Higher-rate and reliable wireless systems are crucial technologies in enabling modern applications such as ubiquitous social networking, e-commerce, search, and entertainment/multimedia services. Various commercial and defense applications also heavily rely on wireless transmission techniques. The coverage of this talk includes the statistical principles in wireless communication systems and its recent developments. We will first introduce the fundamental mechanisms, functional blocks, and principles in a wireless communication system. Motivated by the fast growing commercial applications, tremendous new techniques and standardization efforts in wireless technologies have been dedicated in the global scale. Therefore we will also address the newly developed Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) system, which is crucial in increasing the data rate and spectral efficiency. The challenges in signal processing and communication algorithms will also be addressed in the physical-layer perspective. This talk is informative for researchers working in statistics, communications engineering, and signal processing.


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